Top Wedding Day Advice for Brides

Today is our 3 year anniversary, as I scrolled through our gorgeous wedding pics and videos this morning, it made me think about the few things I wish I'd taken more seriously, or known at the time.

We had a really amazing day, we were overwhelmed with love & laughter on our city centre wedding. 

I thought I would put together my top 5 tips when for your wedding day.

Speeches - King Street Townhouse


Now, I know slipping on THE DRESS and having THE MOMENT is like nothing else. I wanted to try on hundreds of dresses and really string out the process, but I actually fell head over heals in love with a dress in the shop window of my tiny home town's only bridal boutique. 

I was driving when I saw it. I called up right away, tried it on, and it was the one. No traipsing round studios and shops, being unable to decide. This first one, was the one. 

Because of this, when mum raised concerns about the weight and size of it, I just fobbed her off. Pain. Is. Beauty. Hahaha oh how naive. 

By the end of the right, the zip had cut into my back, and the halter had bruised my neck. I was so agitated to get out of the bloody thing I feel like the evening was a little tainted by this (along with tip 3!!).

So, you may feel like a dream in your dress but really do consider being in it for a full 12/14 hours. 

The designer of my dress was Alfred Angelo, they have now closed down.

Alfred Angelo Wedding Dress


Having all your loved ones in the same area for your special day might make you feel like you have to make the most out of every second with everyone, especially if they have travelled to be with you. 

The morning after, I felt sooooooo exhausted and to be honest a bit battered, the last thing we wanted to do was leave our beautiful bridal suite to go down to breakfast and see everyone. 

It might be a bit tricky to say no after everyone has made the effort but a few hours to take it all in are absolutely precious.

Lucy & Ross Menghini Wedding

We had 3 little flower girls in our ivory tutus, they were the first tutus I'd made. This is where six stories was born!


You might wonder why I felt so delicate. Well lets just say... not enough water... too much prosecco? 

In all seriousness, I can hardly remember our reception, awkward. So make sure you have a troop of sensible peeps keeping an eye on you and keeping you topped up with food and water.

Lucy & Ross Menghini Wedding


We were super pleased with our photos, they were as we asked candid & chilled. We didn't want to be pulling people out of their nice day for formal, forced pics. 

This means we have lots of lovely floaty images of everyone, however it does mean we're missing a few of me and the girls, Ross and the lads, which would have only taken a moment. 

Definitely trust your suppliers, but don't assume they can read your mind. 

Caught in the naked ride

We also got caught in Manchester's annual naked bike ride... it was hilarious. 


Oh the vows!! The best bit of our day for sure! Why? Because it felt so personal, honest and real. 

We decided to write our own vows with this format:


[His/her name], I promise to...

- add 5-7 lines of vows, make them personal, touching, funny


Name, I am proud to call you my [Husband/Wife]


It worked so well for us, we still use and talk about those vows to this day!

I don't think there was a dry eye in the room!

Lucy & Ross Manchester Town Hall Wedding

We got married at Manchester Town Hall & had our reception at King Street Townhouse.

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