Tips On Postponing Your Wedding Due To Coronavirus

Event & wedding planner Nicole from NFE Events dropped in to help us get to grips with what is important and what not to sweat about when planning your wedding during this pandemic. 

Nicole has a portfolio of dream weddings (nb. Did you see Lydia Millens wedding!!) and events so we thought she would be the best person to put your questions to. 

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful at the best of times let alone having to deal with a global virus stopping us all in our tracks! However, this does mean we are all in the same boat, so with that in mind, a bit of planning, patience and gratitude will help see us through the months ahead. 

“Should I postpone my July wedding now?”

We wish we could rub our crystal ball for you all, but with no one really knowing what is going to happen next, and everything changing daily it is so hard to say. 

As a planner and as a bride, Nicole says she would allow herself around one month from now to make a decision. This will allow you to limit the stress of the uncertainty, and not risk having little date options if you do decide to reschedule. 

In 1 month, deciding to postpone will give you some peace of mind and also to take the hassle away with guests constantly asking you what’s happening.

If you’re anxious about changing the dates because of how your guests will perceive the situation, just know that they will be really understanding given the situation. 

The replanned wedding will be so special when it does eventually go ahead because we have all been through this together.  

“My venue won’t give me my deposit back?”

This is a difficult one. First off, go and check out your contracts. Again, we’re all in the same situation, so your suppliers will be trying their best to support their customers and keep their businesses going, after all, it’s in their interest to help you have the perfect day ever! Remember to give them some time to get to grips with everything.

If you are rescheduling, you and your suppliers should be able to agree on managing your deposit as you’re keeping your contract alive.

“How do I coordinate all my suppliers to agree on another date?”

Nicole’s advice would be to, pick three dates and send them to all your key suppliers. For example your caterers, venue and florist.  Then see which date they can all do, and go for that. 

Given the circumstances, everywhere is going to be in demand so it is good to get in early.  

“How do I keep my bridey mojo?”

Don’t force it. Everyone has so much pressure going on at the moment. I’m a believer in the attitude that if you’re not feeling it, don’t stress yourself about doing it that day.

It should be enjoyable and a once in a lifetime experience, so take your time with it and go with how you feel. Perhaps start by jumping back onto Pinterest and get excited about your new date. 

Remember that when you look back at this whole experience it will be one hell of a story to tell!

“How do I go from a summer wedding to a winter wedding?” 

Work closely with your florist – they will be able to adapt and support you. 

I’m finding there are as many winter weddings as summer now, there is so much you can do! Creating mood board and looking at all the different things you can do for any season will make you fall in love with your new wedding date. 

“Should I go on my honeymoon in September?”

You can have your honeymoon ahead of your wedding date for sure! If you feel like you need the holiday and still can, have it! 

Things don’t always go according to plan and it’s about adapting, thats what makes life so exciting! 

“Should we have a virtual wedding to mark the day?”

It’s nice to do something to mark the date. I would keep it low key, don’t go spending lots on it.

A nice meal and something romantic that you both enjoy. You don’t want to add pressure to the situation. Play your wedding songs, plan your new wedding. Write your vows & enjoy the time together.

The biggest thing to try and do is stay positive, this time isn’t forever, your wedding will be wonderful when it happens.

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