Get peace of mind against unexpected loss, damage or theft during transit and add our package protection to your order. In the event that your order does encounter any of these issues, you will be eligible for either a reshipment of the order or a refund for the items in the order (excluding shipping-related fees).

In any circumstance you will receive excellent customer service from our team, but by adding our Package Protection to your basket we will ensure your issue is dealt with at speed.

What's considered a lost package: 

  • If there has been no movement on the tracking of your order for over 7 days. 
  • If your order has been marked as delivered but you haven't received it please contact our customer service team before making a claim. You can contact us here.

What's considered a damaged package: 

  • Your order has been delivered damaged in transit and the package is wet or has been torn open, leaving the contents of your order damaged.

What is not covered:

  • Missing parcels or re-delivery fees due to invalid address information input incorrectly by the customer. 
  • Any delays in transit. Unless there is no movement on the order tracking within 7 days. In this case please contact our customer service team here.
  • Orders stuck in customs. We can't be held responsible for customs delays. Please get in touch with your carrier for more information. 
  • Items that are returned to us for a refund or exchange that are in an unsellable condition. 
  • If you have requested for your order to be left outside your property, we are not liable for any missing parcels if the tracking has been marked as delivered.
  • If your products are undamaged but you are not satisfied, please get in touch with our customer service team here.

How to submit a claim:

If your parcel is lost or damaged, please submit your claim and we will get back to you.


Our policy for unprotected orders: 

Choosing a Package Protection ensures that your issue is dealt with at speed. However we will always be here to help if there is any issue with your order. Please message our customer service team, providing as much information about your order as possible and we will get back to you!