4 Feel Good Tips For Brides Affected By Covid-19

My good friends, and dream wife & wife team Kiera and Aimie, joined me on our weekly livestream to talk all things feel good. 

They've provided some amazing thoughts and advice for all brides affected by the coronavirus, from how you can stay excited about planning your rescheduled wedding, to handy tips to help you remain positive during lockdown.

Who are Feel Good Club?

They are on a mission to support everyone in becoming their best and happiest self. They have set up a community of people who are normalising the conversation around mental health and feelings in general, from events on and off line, to their clothing line. 

With their mission in mind, I wanted to hear all the things they’re doing to support their community at this time.

Here are some of your questions & their answers.  

"How do I keep my wedding planning mojo and stay excited for our new wedding date?"

Kiera says, it’s helpful to get comfortable with the feeling of being low and recognise how you’re feeling that day. It’s important not to bottle up your feelings, and it is 100% ok not to be ok. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t! Go with those feelings but be aware they won’t last forever and it’s a natural process when there is big change around. 

After that, you can then slowly look at the positives and think about all the things you’re grateful for, like more time to plan your day!

Aimie says, do something now that will be a pick me up on the day. The girls made all the garden games for their wedding. It was lovely making them together before the wedding, so it meant on the day they were an even lovelier memory and important part of the day. 

Also remember, it’s still going to happen! And when it does, in whatever shape or size, it’ll be even more special. 

“How do I manage downsizing, negative guests and having to uninvite some people?"

Remember, you’re never going to be able to please everyone says Aimie. You are always going to have people commenting on this or that so just go with what you need, be polite and people will understand.

Their mentality for their own wedding was not have any introductions on the day. They wanted to know everyone personally, and so be brave and ruthless on your decision of who to invite. Unite as a couple and stick together on the trickier members of family or friends.

Kiera said on the bright side - you get to have a virtual hen! The hen and stag parties are one of the best things about getting married!

When the big day finally arrives, you will forget all that is going on now. It’s hard to keep that in mind, but repeat positive things in your mind about your new wedding day, and you will gradually fade the negative feelings away. You will get there. 

“How can I manage peoples opinions of my wedding day?”

Just keep reminding yourself that your day is your day. Be mindful and pick your battles, a lot of the things you’re worrying about now won’t even occur to you when you’re close to the wedding and on the actual day. For example, if you’re not really that bothered about the cake, just don’t worry about it! Have your day, your way!

Kiera and Aimie said that the best thing they did was be still and take in everything at different moments of the day, just the two of them together. It’s important to take time during your day to take it all in and really appreciate it all. You’ll never have all your most loved people in one room again. 

“How can I manage my emotions during lockdown?”

Avoid the news. You’ll hear about the stuff you need to know when you need to know about it. If you’re hyper sensitive to what is going on, we really recommend switching off notifications. 

Be self aware of how much time you're spending looking at a screen. Who you’re talking to and what you’re consuming will help you to manage your response to what is going on and protect yourself. Surround yourself with all the positive news going on as well!

Bringing some routine to your day will help you feel a little more in control. For example, print out a weekly planner, always go for a morning walk after breakfast, etc. 

Aimie has the sweetest suggestion. Do something that makes you smile everyday. For example, the girls have stuck a picture of their (absolutely ADORABLE) puppy Juno to the cupboard where they keep their mugs. Now every time they make a coffee they take a minute to smile and the little ball of fluffy gorgeousness!

You guys could totally do this with a picture of when you got engaged, it’ll help you remember why you’re getting married and in the grand scheme of things, a delay doesn’t matter as long as we’re safe and healthy.

Also, it is so important to schedule self care. It isn’t a waste of time, it’s the opposite! Be kind to yourself in order to keep yourself motivated and productive. 

Give the girls a follow, they're wonderful @wearefeelgoodclub

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